• Tuff Rock Conditioner Plus 1 Litre

Tuff Rock Conditioner Plus 1 Litre

TuffRock Conditioner PlusTM (C+)

TuffRock Conditioner PlusTM (C+) World’s first ancient Colloidal Volcanic Mineral Concentrate feed additive for show, performance and race horses.

C+ Supports horses of all ages with their mineral and collagen needs. Typically in 5 to 10 days clinical signs are evident in your horses feed conversion showing vitality & performance, body condition including top-line, coat,mane, tail & hoof (Collagen Type I & II)

Recommended feed conversion support during periods of extreme weather including minimum feed rations and hay restrictions - 350 + kg 10 ml Once a day in pm feed 2.5 Litre = approx 8 months supply

Recommended during last trimester in pregnant mares 350 + kg Once a day in pm feed from 15 ml i.e. 2.5 Litre = approx 6 months supply

Recommended injury recovery Add C+ twice per day in am & pm feeds

TuffRock C+ is our original and world's first energised 100% pure natural volcanic mineral concentrate that truly shows condition from inside out .. 5 star reviews .. suitable to feed with Hay only and still win competitions :)

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