• Diamond H Training Reins

Diamond H Training Reins

These are fantastic to have in your kit of horse equipment .

The reins are made from quality flat rope with weighted ends , leather tails.

The reins run through the bit and attach onto the breastplate encouraging the horse to keep his head in a frame or not throwing his head depending on the adjustment . They simply adjust by pulling the rope through or loosening off . When not in use you can simply clip onto the bridle and use as general Campdraft reins .

White rein is 6foot in length and 14ml rope .


Made from 100% polyester they are the next step up from marine ropes. Designed for maximum abrasion resistance and long life when used in the mud, sand, sweat, dirt of the land and salt of the ocean. UV Resistant ; Colour Fast; Fully Washable; Low Abrasion;  Rot Free; Mildew Free; Soft and Durable;  Kind to Animals and Human Hands.

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