• Baxter Pony Rider Boots Brown

Baxter Pony Rider Boots Brown

Demonstrating the knowledge and experience of true craftsmanship. The Pony Rider is a classic equestrian boot, featuring supple full grain leather and stitched leather sole. Look the part in the Pony Rider.

Care Instructions

Remove dust and grime from upper with a lightly dampened cloth or sponge and then leave to dry naturally. Once dry, apply polish, leave polish to dry then buff with a soft brush or cloth.
Leather soles are very easily damaged by heat. Damp soles should be allowed to dry out slowly in a well ventilated place that is not warmer than a normal living room. One safe way to assist the drying out of very wet shoes is to take up excess moisture by stuffing them with dry newspaper for a few hours or overnight. Leather soled footwear is best used as a dress option.

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